Competition Entry : The Hertfordshire Open Sabre 2017

The Hertfordshire Open Sabre 2017

Sun 21st May 2017

Venue: Hertfordshire Sports Village
de Havilland Campus
AL10 9EU
Age: Fencers must be 13 years or older on 1st January 2017
Format: One round of poules followed by direct elimination. All fencers will be promoted to the direct elimination bouts. The organisers reserve the right to alter the format in light of the entry sizes and conditions of the day.
Entry Fee: £35
Entries Reveal Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017
Date when live entry lists are published and entry fee is increased.
Closing Date: Thu, 18 May 2017
Entries after the closing date are taken at the organisers desecretion and subject to late entry fee.
Date Sun, 21st May 2017
Entry Limit 64
Check In Closes 10:30
Date Sun, 21st May 2017
Entry Limit 64
Check In Closes 11:30

Refreshments: Onsite cafeteria and water fountains
Prizes: Top 4, best cadet and best veteran
Parking: Free weekend parking
Extra Information: MEMBERSHIPS
All fencers must have a valid BFA membership to compete. These will be checked against the BFA database. Any fencer entering without a valid membership will be unable to fence and the entry fee will not be refunded. An FIE or other national fencing license will not be accepted.

Entry on the day will be accepted provided the entry limit for the event has not been reached. Any fencer wishing to enter on the day must arrive and submit full payment (including late fee), 30 minutes before the closing of check-in. Proof of BFA membership will be required. Entry on the day fee: £40.00

Top 30 ranked fencers will be guaranteed a place provided they enter by the closing date. All other entries will be accepted in order of receipt. Note: there is no youth event this year.

For further information email info@nlsc.co.uk

Entry Method: Online here
Further Info info@leonpaulfencingcentre.com


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