Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Entry

Fencers are personally responsible for making sure their own clothing and equipment conforms to the British Fencing rules and is in good, safe condition. Neither the organisers of the competition, Leon Paul, the referees, the officials nor British Fencing take any responsibility for these matters or for any accident, loss or damage to persons or property arising from participation in the competition.

All UK based fencers taking part in Leon Paul competitions must be members of British Fencing. Membership can be arranged online via the British Fencing website.

Refund Policy

Refund requests for Leon Paul Fencing Centre competitions must be made in the following format via email sent to info@leonpaulfencingcentre.com



Fencer Name:



Email address:

Telephone No:


Refunds requested before the competition reveal date will receive a full refund less a £2 admin fee.

Refunds requested after the competition reveal date but before the competition closing date will receive a 50% refund less a £2 admin fee.

No refunds are permitted after the competition closing date.

Competition Formats

Leon Paul reserve the right to change the published entry limit and format of its competitions.

Progressive Entry System

Each competition will have 3 important dates, the competition date, a closing date and a reveal date.

Each competition will have an initial entry fee. If a fencer enters a competition before the reveal date they will pay the initial fee and received a confirmation email. They will be added to the online entry list however before the reveal date, the online entry list will only show the number of fencers who have entered, not the names of the fencers who have entered.

After the reveal date, around 4-5 weeks before the competition date, the names of the fencers on the entry list will be revealed for everyone to see. The entry fee will also increase by approximately 17%.

After the closing date, about 1 week before the competition date, entries are taken only at the discretion of the competition organiser and will be charged at a super late fee of £102.

The progress entry system will run in association with the Leon Paul competitions refund policy.