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British Men's Team Epee Championships


# Team Name Team Members
1London Fencing ClubEnrico Lupo Matteo Balducci
Kareem Nasif
Shakespeare Vallecer

2Stockport Pascal Delany
Greg Carty
Maxwell Rowe-Haynes
Joe Schumacher
3Brixton B

4United Kingdom Armed Forces (UKAF)Andrew Pollock
James Huntley
Lee Spiers
Dennis Koftia

6Plymouth Fencing Club Team APasquale Capuano
Robert Flack
Myles Pillage


8Bath Swords

9Redhill & Reigate Epee ClubHarrison Nicolls
Will Grealey
James Russell

10Leon Paul Epee 1

11Leon Paul Epee 2

12Leon Paul Epee 3

13Leon Paul Epee 4

14Leon Paul Epee 5

15Leon Paul Epee 6

16Derbyshire Epee AcademyMatt Keppie
Matt Cooper
Jan Gerboc
Sam Filleul

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