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Leon Paul International Youth Epee & Sabre Summer Camp


# Country Name Club Ranking
1 Nurzhan Abzhanov Personal Training
2 Alikhan Abzhanov Personal training
3 Demir Binen Fechtgeselschaft Basel
4 Mikael Chowdhury Dream Fencing
5 Ian Dyer Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club
6 Alec Edridge AEW Schermen
7 Jack Fan Cambridgeshire Fencing Club
8 Orlando Jameson Morley Fencing Club
9 Casey Jones Leon Paul Epee
10 Krishan Kanda Brentwood
11 George Marks Winchester
12 Xavier Ogunbiyi Kensington Fencing Club
13 Sava SELTZER London
14 Sameer Sunder-Rajan Leon Paul Epee
15 Omre Urmani Leon Paul
16 Vincent Weber Olympischer Fechtclub Bonn

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